I will leave you.

Dear lovely Morocco, I humbly do not know enough adjectives to describe how beautiful of a country you are. All of your visitors swear by the beauty of the great Atlas Mountains and ravaging Atlantic waves, the breezy Mediterranean cities and the soulless golden Sahara dunes. Here’s a slideshow proof. Numerous dialects of big modern … More I will leave you.

Unexpected gift.

I will gift you a little something (I already know what I will get you) as soon as i’ll get my monthly allowance, but you don’t know that because you don’t read my blog often :p  

Bonjour, tristesse.

I stumbled some old pictures from my sister’s marriage ceremony at home. It was actually from the morning after, and all my family was there. I realized how special some shots of my mun and aunties were, my eldest uncle and, last but not least, Mma. Looking at her so happy, surrounded by her favorite … More Bonjour, tristesse.

Infinity is boring.

So there’s a famous quote that says “There are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on earth” The most accurate estimate of stars that are visible from earth through a telescope is 70 thousand million million million, or 7 followed by 22 zeroes. Tséh! And those are the only ones visible from earth! … More Infinity is boring.

First post.

It is currently 4:32 AM. Instead of working on a report due in few hours, I decided (sur un coup de tête) to create and personalize a blog. (Yes I also like to live dangerously) The second day of Ramadan just started some moments ago as I heard Fajr prayer call, but it’s that time … More First post.