Infinity is boring.

So there’s a famous quote that says “There are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on earth”

The most accurate estimate of stars that are visible from earth through a telescope is 70 thousand million million million, or 7 followed by 22 zeroes. Tséh! And those are the only ones visible from earth!

It is quite difficult for our human little brains to perceive that big of a number. To perceive infinity. How could someone possibly count the exact number of stars and not just estimate it by calculus? Do we even know this number? How much time would it take for someone to actually pronounce this number? How could an infinity be bigger than another infinity?

Our mind has the tendency to associate infinity with vast immensities and massive spaces like the universe and its galaxies, but! (there’s always a but(t)!)Here comes the plot twist.

There is a second part to that quote.

“There are actually more atoms in ONE grain of sand than there are stars in the universe”

Take a moment, re-read that, think about it for a sec, and let’s continue talking.


It is very unlikely to think about something as microscopic as atoms when we’re talking about infinity. This is exactly what I find fascinating about this concept, infinity composes everything, from the smallest entity of matter to the largest most dense bodies ever known.

To be honest, not all grains of sand have more atoms than the starts of the universe, it really depends on the size of the grain, as 1mm3 tiny little extra volume of a grain can add up to few millions of atoms so…

So yes, as I said, Infinity is boring.



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