I will leave you.

Dear lovely Morocco,

I humbly do not know enough adjectives to describe how beautiful of a country you are. All of your visitors swear by the beauty of the great Atlas Mountains and ravaging Atlantic waves, the breezy Mediterranean cities and the soulless golden Sahara dunes.

Here’s a slideshow proof.

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Numerous dialects of big modern cities to small little towns in the mountains, are the result of Moroccan citizens’ different backgrounds and origins. They are either descending from Amazigh as the original Moroccan people or from Arabia where Islam came from or even from Andalous.  It all screams diversity. It is exactly what makes your wealth and power.

Nevertheless, I ache for you, Morocco.

No matter how beautiful your lands are, how rich your history and traditions, and more importantly how tasty your foods were,  you were damned with the worst people a country could ever have.

I don’t even know where to start describing what is wrong with your society. Rotten mindsets would be very little to say, not minding one’s business, social hypocrisy, objectifying women, delusional safety blindness (if that even makes sense), and the list goes on…

I feel very guilty, because, I love you, Morocco, and if it was for me I would never even consider leaving you, but god living with your people is an everyday struggle. Dealing with these masses of illiterate, uncultivated people means that they will do everything they can to impose their lifestyle and thinking on me. And if I don’t abide by these somehow social rules, I automatically become this rude rebel girl/slut that will be judged in the most horrifying ways. If only they minded their own business and let everyone freely be to act, love and believe as long as they don’t hurt anyone,you would really be a better place, Morocco.


A loving citizen. 


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